Herb Pearce Enneagram Personality Types, Communication & Growth

35+ Years of Teaching and Counseling

About Herb's Workshops

A great place to meet wonderful people in a relaxed atmosphere, Herb's workshops cover a range of issues from basic Enneagram types to personality issues, coping skills, personal growth and relationship dynamics.

Workshops are typically two and a half to three hours long and held in Arlington (see directions) unless otherwise indicated (see schedule). Treat yourself to a very special experience!

Basic Enneagram workshop – Learn about the Enneagram and identify your core type. Understand your relationship to others based on your type differences. Herb "acts out" each type with hats (very entertaining and loads of fun), interviews each person for correct core type and points out growth and relationship tips unique to each type. If you haven't done an Enneagram workshop yet, this is essential for understanding types and it's an entertaining and insightful experience even if you've done it a bunch of times!

Advanced Enneagram workshops - Increase the depth of your understanding beyond the basics.

  • Centers and triads
  • Wings
  • Subtypes
  • Type sequence
  • How to relate well to all the types
  • Growth and development
  • Dark side of the types
  • Tips on typing peole
  • Developing the nine types in yourself
  • Stress and security moves for each type

Other workshops - Learn about other personal growth topics.

  • Myers-Briggs
  • Basics of Astrology
  • Learning to Love Yourself - a Self-Esteem workshop
  • Anger Management
  • Learning to Have Fun