Herb Pearce Enneagram Personality Types, Communication & Growth

35+ Years of Teaching and Counseling

Enneagram Type Descriptions

The star-shaped Enneagram (Greek for "nine" and "drawing") groups human emotions and behavior—positive and negative –into nine personality types. According to the Enneagram theory, personality develops as a result of a unique combination of genetics, cultural influence, family and childhood experience, and spiritual growth inclination.

TYPE 1   The Perfectionist/Reformer

I like to do what's right. Strong standards of right and wrong, correcting things, strong inner critic, likes order, hard worker, serious, responsible, thorough, idealistic, black/white thinking, good student, likes to improve, tends to be inflexible, controlled, forgives others easily if one admits wrong, sensitive to criticism, fair, appreciates rules and clear guidelines. Responsible, self-motivated, ethical, workaholic.

TYPE 2   The Giver/Pleaser

I like to give and be appreciated. People and relationships are very important, flatters, makes themselves indispensable to others, alters personality to give special attention, not aware of own needs, wants praise and affection, seductive, can be manipulative, likes to make important people happy and successful, other-oriented, indirect, jealous, cheerful, often dresses colorfully, upbeat, hurt/angry if not appreciated, territorial, vivacious.

TYPE 3   The Achiever/Success Driver

I like to accomplish, and win. Task, action and result-oriented, competitive, winning image and success very important, avoids feelings, fast and efficient, wants recognition, busy, in charge, likes to be number one, materialistic, dresses well, positive, work-addicted, supports others success if not in direct competition, impatient, clear goals, chameleon, has a hard time just 'being', rejecting of people who don't 'fit' into their goals.

TYPE 4   The Romantic/Individualist:

I value individuality, creativity and beauty. Focus on what is missing and longs for that, dramatic, envious, jealous, poetic, prone toward melancholy, feels abandoned easily, wants lots of praise, intensified feelings, loves beauty, dresses uniquely, sensitive, push-pull in relationships, appreciates art, likes emotional depth, loves positive attention, sensitive to criticism, accepts suffering as part of life, crisis prone, empathetic.

TYPE 5   The Thinker/Observer

I value knowledge and information. Loves information and knowledge, observes well, analytical, wants objective truth, detached, private person, takes time to get close, easily feels intruded on, uses few but precise words, often invisible, can feel socially awkward, compartmentalizes, studies in depth, limits personal needs, tends to avoid small talk, likes to know things in advance, introverted, often loner, independent, bright, social when they can learn.

TYPE 6   The Questioner/Loyalist

I want to know the truth below the surface and prepare for the future. Natural detectives, security and safety conscious, prepared for potential danger, skeptical, takes time to research. Phobic type 6 more cautious, fearful and indirect; counterphobic 6 more challenging and adventurous; tests to build trust then very loyal, likes consistency and fairness, authority issues, support underdog, asks questions, researches things, anxious, highly values groups, friendships and social causes, empathetic, relationship-oriented.

TYPE 7   The Optimist/Epicure

I just want to have fun—cut the heavy stuff. Plans for fun, sees the bright side of life, loves options, avoids heavy commitment, gets distracted easily, denies pain, mentally very creative, networker, Renaissance person, loves change and newness, social, humorous, adventurous, lively, speedy, synthesizes different ideas, hates negativity, starter but not necessarily finisher, likes excitement, can change subject, easily rationalizes, entertaining, guilt-free.

TYPE 8   Director/Challenger

I'm in charge and in control of the situation. Controls people and environment, "do it" person, impulsive, impatient, excessive, very energetic, strong, lusty, expresses anger easily, protects friends, avoids feels of fear and insecurity, generous to those they care about, intense, bravado but softer underneath, supports strength in others, expects others to be direct, sometimes sleep less than others, confronted parents as children, inspiring, empowering.

TYPE 9   The Peacemaker/Mediator

I like to create peace and harmony. Easygoing on outside, avoids conflict, likes to be even-tempered, merges with other's agenda, avoids self-goals, accepting of others, sees all points of views, innocent, anger repressed but can "blow", stubborn, patient, can't say no, indecisive, likes comfort and repetitive habits, mediator for other'' conflicts, indirect, procrastinates, gets along with people, easily-used, adaptable.