Herb Pearce Enneagram Personality Types, Communication & Growth

35+ Years of Teaching and Counseling

Enneagram of Personality

The star-shaped Enneagram (Ennea is Greek for "nine" and gram for type) is an amazingly accurate system of understanding personality that groups human motivations and patterns of feeling, thought and body experience into nine personality types. We have elements of all nine types, but one is dominant and is a stronger perceptual lens. This lens flavors how you see the world uniquely and therefore, to a large degree, how you think, feel, and act automatically. Being a type is a great strength and gift but limits the range of possible ways to experience life.

Herb uses his expertise in the Enneagram to define your core type and explore how it limits your perception and ability to see the world in the strengths of all nine types. Herb can help you see positive options of thinking, feeling and acting both within and beyond your core type.

Understanding and applying the wisdom of the Enneagram leads to:

  • Personal development and improved self-esteem
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Self acceptance and self confidence
  • Conflict-resolution
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased empathy with more acceptance of personality differences
  • Clarity in understanding one's self and others
  • Utilization of strengths of all nine types