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Herb Pearce, M. Ed., is an Arlington, Massachusetts (Boston area) based individual, couples and family therapist, with over 35 years experience. A leading expert in the Enneagram, he has led over 2,000 Enneagram workshops for more than 25 years with presentations, public workshops, counseling, and team building trainings in organizations. Herb's trainings and workshops provide a wealth of understanding and clarity regarding personality differences. His approach is direct, gentle and humorous.

Personality Types

Herb's Books about the Enneagram and more

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The Basics

A compilation of Herb's knowledge, wisdom and many years of experience using the Enneagram.
Beyond the Basics

Describes more subtle levels of Enneagram descriptions beyond the basic nine types.
For Caregivers

Explores how personality differences can be understood in ways that improve communication for caregivers of parents, spouses and friends.
Lessons from the River

A book of photographs, tips and lessons learned from whitewater wilderness canoe trips in Maine.